Trend Alert: Cutting Edge Cutlery

Capdeco’s “Conty Tortoise” 5-Piece Place Setting, $165

Flatware is to the table what jewelry is to a great outfit. Often overlooked, it can make all the difference between just okay and stunning. When it comes to setting the table, most of us have, over the years, collected a variety of options when it comes to table top elements like table linens or china patterns, changing them regularly to reflect our mood or the season. However, when it comes to flatware there’s usually just two options – formal and every day.

Flatware is a veritable undiscovered country of personal expression when it comes to your dining table. Let’s dive right in and start exploring some of the hottest trends in flatware. Here are a few examples of what’s happening now and which brands are leading the charge: Continue reading Trend Alert: Cutting Edge Cutlery

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that the ‘earth laughs in flowers,’ and in my opinion so does British designer Tricia Guild, founder of Designer’s Guild.  Designer’s Guild is a London based firm known for their amazing color stories and bold, oversized, painterly compositions.  Each design starts as a large work on canvas before becoming digital prints on fabric.   Tricia draws inspiration from nature and has a decidedly European palette. Scratch that, she has a decidedly Tricia Guild palette, which has become synonymous with the best of British design.

 Tricia Guild’s mix of daring and restraint is inspirational.

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The Power of Pasta (Bowls)

One of my favorites, Juliska’s Berry & Thread Whitewash Coupe Pasta Bowl

Pasta bowls are a thing now.  Flag bearers of a new foodie revolution, they’ve turned the traditional table upside down.  Every bride we register wants pasta bowls. And it’s not just at Tailored Home – every major retailer across the globe has reported a significant rise in sales of pasta bowls.  They’ve begun to surpass even dinner plates in overall demand, with new designs in pasta bowls, coupes (that’s a sort of plate-bowl hybrid), and ‘bistro bowls’ cropping up everywhere you look.

“If I could, I’d eat everything out of a bowl.” – Nigella Lawson

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