The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that the ‘earth laughs in flowers,’ and in my opinion so does British designer Tricia Guild, founder of Designer’s Guild.  Designer’s Guild is a London based firm known for their amazing color stories and bold, oversized, painterly compositions.  Each design starts as a large work on canvas before becoming digital prints on fabric.   Tricia draws inspiration from nature and has a decidedly European palette. Scratch that, she has a decidedly Tricia Guild palette, which has become synonymous with the best of British design.

 Tricia Guild’s mix of daring and restraint is inspirational.

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September is the New January

For me this is such a topsy-turvy time of year.  I hate the close of the hazy days of summer.  I mourn the putting away of sandals and long family dinners on our porch, but what I do love is the sense of starting anew.  September is much more of a new year for me than January. 

Maybe it’s because I was always one of those kids who loved going back to school. New classes, new school supplies and of course, new clothes.   My mom would take my sister and me for a power shop at Lord & Taylor followed by lunch at The Bird Cage, their in-house luncheon spot.  Later, we would model our new fall fashions for my dad and grandmother, who lived with us.  Every couple of years, we’d get a new book bag from LL Bean.  Mine always had blue handles—like my bedding, my pajamas and even my toothbrush. What I remember most though was not the azure forced march, but that it was always a time to start afresh. Continue reading September is the New January