Trend Alert: Cutting Edge Cutlery

Capdeco’s “Conty Tortoise” 5-Piece Place Setting, $165

Flatware is to the table what jewelry is to a great outfit. Often overlooked, it can make all the difference between just okay and stunning. When it comes to setting the table, most of us have, over the years, collected a variety of options when it comes to table top elements like table linens or china patterns, changing them regularly to reflect our mood or the season. However, when it comes to flatware there’s usually just two options – formal and every day.

Flatware is a veritable undiscovered country of personal expression when it comes to your dining table. Let’s dive right in and start exploring some of the hottest trends in flatware. Here are a few examples of what’s happening now and which brands are leading the charge: Continue reading Trend Alert: Cutting Edge Cutlery

Thanksgiving, the Purest of Holidays

Thanksgiving is the purest holiday.  It is the distillation of all that is good and lasting in families and with friends.  The Thanksgivings of my childhood were often at our relatively unheated summer house in Massachusetts.   We meet four or five other die-hard families for a last weekend before closing the houses for the winter.  Winds blow off the water at 40 knots, Canadian geese landing in our pond at dusk.  On those holidays I think the fires shone brighter in contrast to the dark panes with the icy ocean beyond.  It was all about the people and making a wonderful meal for those people.  We felt like we understood the pilgrims. Continue reading Thanksgiving, the Purest of Holidays